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[Comment] mintmint481:feeds of user commentedEmily-Limited(sold out) (2017-12-14)5
Why is this doll listed as being $0? how much does it cost to buy her?
Admin Replay
Hi! Sorry we have corrected the page. This doll has been sold out. Thank you.
[Custom] Anonymous user:Custom problems (2017-12-14)
HELP! I bought a Fullset Chaos via Manga-Zin and got a mail from the custom that I have to fill out custom papers myself before I get him. I can't find your address. Can you please send me your address in China with district numbers and everything.
Admin Replay
Hi! Could you please send us an email or leave your email address to us so that we could contact you by email? Thank you!
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented- QingLi&MeiJi boy (2017-12-12)5
Is this doll still available for sale?
Admin Replay
Hi, yes this doll is still available:)
[Message] Anonymous user:Thank you very much! (2017-12-09)
Good evening. The package arrived 2 days ago. It seems that the product was wrong address. Dolls and costumes are all amazing! Thank you for this time! I also expect other products.
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedTao Wu Human Version--Unruly—(Make-up B) (2017-12-09)5
Your select option won't let me select "Make-up Type B".
[Complaint] Anonymous user:outfit (2017-12-05)
Hello I have order in Dolkus the Pharaur outfit set, and your outfit 73MY-005 ! I have make the order on 2017-02-18 !!!!!!!!!! I want my order ! I paid for it ! Dolkus is your reseller, it is your responsibility! cordially...
Admin Replay
Hi! Could you please send an email to us with the order information you have? We will check the order for you. Thank you.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:58 cm Girl Jointed Hands? (2017-12-04)
Do you offer a pair of jointed hands that fit your 58 cm girl body?
Admin Replay
Hi! Sorry we currently don't have the jointed hands that are suitable for our 58cm girl body. Thank you.
[Message] Anonymous user:Dragon doggy SP (2017-12-03)
Hello~! I have loved your little jointed dragon doggy since he was released and his status says that he is participating in the 2017 christmas event. Is he something I can purchase alone or is he something that can only be bought if I purchase another doll as well? I'm also really curious if you will deliver dolls to Finland or should I buy the doll through a dealer, like Allice's Collections for example? Thank you for your time and have a nice day! :)
Admin Replay
Hi! The Gragon Doggy SP can be purchased alone and it participates our Christmas Event.
You can place the order from any of our dealers and we can also deliver dolls directly to you.
Actually we have dealers located in Belgium and UK so you can also buy the dolls from them!
Please check the information from our dealer page. Thank you:)
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedJHB-73-01 (2017-12-01)5
Is this compatible with B-B73-02 body?
Admin Replay
Hi! Yes it is compatible for B-B73-02 body. Thank you:)
[Enquiry] Tamajani:Dragon Doggy (2017-11-30)
Is it still the case tjat if I order Longyi that I can purchase the Dragon Doggy SP for 80USD? :) or does it clash with the Christmas event sales? Thank you
Admin Replay
Hi there,

The Dragon Doggy sp can participate our Christmas Event and the price for it will be $72 if you purchase Longyi. He is almost sold out so please place the order quickly. If the system doesn’t correctly calculate your order amount, please send us a message or email. Thank you:)

Best regards,
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