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[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedSon of PiXiu·Lu (2017-06-02)5
I purchased Son of PiXiu·Lu from Alices Collections but had to come here to rave about this doll and the beautiful worksmanship and artistry that went in to this doll. I am blown away at how beautiful he is. I will treasure him forever. On top of that, the Loongsoul packaging is done with great care and quality. I am so impressed with Loongsoul.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Siren - Chris (2017-05-29)
Would like to ask from your Basic sculpts which is similar or same to Siren Chris I really love her face but the mermaid body is a bit too much :(
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedHead-Yu Lang (2017-05-11)5
Hello, i'd like to get this head of Yu lang, but there is no price of his head. May i know how to acquire this head only? Please let me know, thank you very much
Admin Replay
Hi! The head can only purchased with a body. Thanks.
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedHead-Yu Lang (2017-05-11)5
How much is this head? And how to get this doll head? Please let me know, thank you
Admin Replay
Hi! Sorry we don't sell the head without the body.
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commented73BC-0021(Limited of 20 sets) (2017-05-09)5
Is this still Gong Gong or is this somebody else ? >_<
Admin Replay
Hi! Yes the model of this outfit is Gonggong:)
[Comment] WilliamWalker:feeds of user commented69GC-0020(Limited of 80 sets) (2017-05-09)5
Is this Still Available ?
Admin Replay
Hi! Yes it is available.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Head-Longyi (2017-03-22)
Hello! I was curious about the pricing for the Longyi head (human version). The site says the head is $9,999USD. Is that correct?
Admin Replay
Hi! Our doll heads can't be purchased separately without body so the heads' pages are only for display.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Clothes (2017-02-05)
Are Wanwan's clothes availible to purchase on this site? I saw the nude doll, but I could not find her outfit.
Admin Replay
Hi! Wanwan's outfit has been sold out. Thanks!
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedMoyer• Everlasting Missing(sold out) (2017-01-28)5
Can you purchase the clothes only?
Admin Replay
Hi, sorry the clothes can't be purchased separately.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Body change (2017-01-23)
Hello I am really interested in YueXi, but I was wondering if it's possible to change the Elegant body to the Bloom body for her? Thanks & warm regards, Cain
Admin Replay
Hi!Sorry we cannot change YueXi's body into bloom body and the head does not well fit the bloom body.Thank you:)
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