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[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedHead-Lin (2017-10-19)5
I have a question. I want the event head (Ghost-Lin) (type-2). Can I order? Can I choose a skin type too?
Admin Replay
Hi! Sorry we don’t sell the head without the body. Thank you.
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedHead-HaoTian (2017-10-19)3
Is there any way to get the makeup of Hao Tian on the face if I get just the head?
Admin Replay
Hi! Yes you can get the make-up if you have HaoTian head. Thank you.
[Message] meimei:address&shipping (2017-10-18)
Dear LoongSoul staff, I am sorry to bother you once more, but I have tried to place my order again and I failed. The website does not allow me to proceed with my order because I can not choose a shipping method (none are displayed to choose from). I think it might be because of my address. The "consignee address" section of the user profile begins with "Country/Province" information. There are 3 windows to choose country/province. In the first one I chose my country, in the second one I chose my city, but there is nothing more to choose for the third window so it remains empty. This window is marked by *. So, as I understand, it is compulsory to fill it, but I can not do it because all information about my country and city has already been chosen in the previous 2 windows. There is nothing left for the third one. I think that the system may not allow me to complete my order because this third window remains empty.
Admin Replay
Hi! We are sorry for the error of our website. Can you please send us an email to tell us your shipping information? We will help you to place the order. Thank you:)
[Message] Josiethesniper:Shipping adress (2017-10-14)
Hello! I'm having trouble choosing the correct shipping address. I can't chose the city I live in at all. What should I do?
Admin Replay
Hi! We have sent you an email to confirm your shipping address. Thank you.
[Buy] Anonymous user:I can't buy anything (2017-10-13)
In the order form a "Shipping Method" field is empty. I can not buy anything. Please contact me by e-mail.
Admin Replay
Hi! We didn’t receive any email about the order problem. Can you please send a new email to our email address? Thank you.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:event (2017-10-02)
Hello! Acording to your news you are currently holding an event but all the discount is nowhere to be show on any of the dolls. Is that an error or have you yet to update the site with the discount prices for the event?
Admin Replay
Hi! All the discounts have already been updated. The prices on the site are the original prices and the discounts will be shown when you place the order. Thank you:)
[Comment] Anonymous user:feeds of user commentedWG4-0019(Limited of 30 sets) (2017-10-01)5
Are hair accessories included?
Admin Replay
Hi! Yes the accessories are included. Thank you.
[Enquiry] meimei:shipping (2017-09-29)
Hi, I would like to buy some doll clothes from your website, but I can not finish my order because I can not choose a shipping method - no shipping methods are displayed so there is nothing to choose from. Could you please tell me why is that so?
Admin Replay
Hi! The shipping method should be shown when you place the order. We think your order page may have an error so please try again to see if the page can be updated. Normally we ship orders by DHL. Please leave us a note on the order if you want us to ship the order in another way. Thank you.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Layaway (2017-09-29)
Do you offer Layaway?
Admin Replay
Hi, sorry we don’t offer layaway. Thank you.
[Enquiry] Anonymous user:Purchase on site (2017-09-29)
Hi, is it possible to order directly on this site (ls-doll) or do I have to order from a dealer??
Admin Replay
Hi! You can place the order in both way. Our website is always open for orders. Please just choose one way you like to order:) Thanks.
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