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About LoongSoul

LoongSoul Doll (LSDoll) is the flagship bjd brand under Loongsoul Culture Development Co ltd. Since our founding in 2009, we have been committed to creating top-of-the-line BJDs in China. We have our own sales and customer service system, professional design team, and in-house production factory.


We are proud to serve our customers in China and abroad, with physical shops in major Chinese cities as well as in Taiwan and America. We have online storefronts in Ruten (Taiwan), Y!Japan, Ebay as well as Taobao (PRC). Our dolls are collected by aficionadoes all over the world.


In our pursuit to balance beauty and mobility, we have introduced our own double joint system to the hobby,now, LoongSoul is known as the best Chinese Bjd with strong movability.


With every step we carried our pursuit and dream, formed by wisdom and effort of teamwork,most of all, the  surpport and fondness of our customers, collectors and fans.


"Where you hoist the sails to cross the sea, you will ride the winds and cleave the waves."


Now, we are ready to start a new voyage.