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In 2009, BJD sculptor Jiangshangxiaolong initially established LoongSoul Sculpture Studio in Shenzhen, and started to sell BJD products through online stores and physical stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and other Chinese cities. With fast expansion in China and presence built in the overseas markets, the studio renamed itself Xunlong Culture Development Co., Ltd.

So far, the brand LoongSoul has created hundreds of BJDs and accumulated deep understanding and experience in BJD design and production. LoongSoul dolls feature high quality and outstanding ability of standing and posing. The brand will continue to bring more exciting dolls to doll lovers.

  • Dolls
    Extraordinary posing ability
  • Face-up
    Unique face-up styles
  • Eyes
    Eyes in different materials and colors
  • Wigs
    Wigs in different texture, colors, styles
  • Clothes
    Outfits in various materials and styles
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Founded in 2009, LoongSoul Doll is a Chinese BJD brand created by Shenzhen Xunlong Culture Development Co., Ltd.

Devoted to make original products with perfection, precision, concentration, LoongSoul continues to create high quality dolls. The brand boasts the professional R&D team and sales team, and also an independent factory.

LoongSoul has forged collaboration with popular games including Onmyoji and Sword Heroes Fate 3, remaining one of the top brands in China's BJD market.


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